The Squadron parades on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1900hrs-2130hrs.

Squadron Activities

An overview of our activities


Flying is the whole basis behind the Air Training Corps; an activity loved by all who take part, from novice to experienced.


Gliding is the younger brother to flying, a powerless experience located throughout the country, with scholarship availability to all experience levels.

Adventure Training

Adventure training, the civilian side of the Air Training Corps, encompasses everything from climbing and kayaking, to orienteering and night navigation.


From both small target rifles to semi automatic rifles, shooting happens both on the squadron range and over military ranges.

DofE and Nijmegen

DofE from Bronze to Gold, and the 100 mile Nijmegen marches Surrey Team, run by our own OC, are some of the most rewarding events available to cadets.


Fieldcraft, the most loved activity at Woking Squadron, including parade night exercises, 24 hour, and 48 hour exercises, is our groundwork for leadership.

Squadron Staff Team

Who's Who of the Squardon

Flt Lt W White

Regulations and Instructions

To command the squadron, developing the staff team and enabling them to deliver the cadet experience.

CI Purusram


Keeping sqn records, recruitment, and enSuring all sqn members are provided with up to date information

FS Wagstaff


Responsible for the overall standards of the Squadron, ensuring they reflect Woking’s tradition of excellence.

Sgt Faulkner


Responsible for the overall standards of the Squadron, ensuring they reflect Woking’s tradition of excellence.

The Squadron parades on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1900hrs - 2130hrs. 1349 Woking Squadron is also active most weekends taking part in many activities such as flying, gliding and shooting

1349 (Woking) Air Cadets

Air Cadets, aged 12(year 8) to 18 and their supporting staff get the opportunity to participate in a large range of stimulating and rewarding activities. Where else could you learn to fly aerobatics, visit Royal Air Force Stations, tour foreign countries, play sports from local to International level, learn the skills to lead expeditions, become a target shooting marksman, gain your Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, canoe through white water, assist your community, join a band, learn aviation subjects, go caving, parachute, climb, sail, ski...? These and much more are readily available to you as a member of the Air Cadet Organization, whether you are a cadet or staff member.

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  •   Hoe Valley Community Building, Woking Park, Surrey, GU22 9BA